The Truth About Freemasonry

Originally Talks and Lectures for Masonic Lodges

An Open Letter to Everyone.

Are you thinking of becoming a Freemason? Well I would think very carefully about it. I am a former Freemason with 27 years experience (resigned 15th January 2015) but unfortunately it has taken me that long to find out the the "Craft" is run by men of dubious credibility, especially in the question of truth and honour. If you are happy with a situation of not being allowed to think for yourself, be able to express yourself and have freedom of speech, then OK this organisation is for you. On the other hand if you think that being gagged by imbeciles and politically correct buffoons is for you, be my guest, join. I should point out there are a lot of Freemasons who are worthy men, but there are just as many who are "two faced" and would stab you in the back without batting an eyelid.                

 I have shut my original site down due to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham suspending me from all Masonic activities for a period of 4 years after allegedly bringing Freemasonry into disrepute. They claim that due to my posts on Facebook expressing my disgust at the recent abhorrent actions of the Islamic State, such as the beheading of hostages, executing prisoners in trenches (just like the NAZIS did to the Jews during WW2), and other repulsive articles, such as having sex with children and animals, which are posted on Utube by Muslims themselves. I must point out from the outset I have never asserted in any of my posts that I was a Freemason, nor is it on my Facebook profile or that the views I expressed were that of anyone other than my own, and were not, and I never claimed the they were, an official opinion of the United Grand Lodge of England.

 After being called a racist within an email by the Provincial Grand Secretary, I was called to appear before the Provincial Grand Registrar on behalf of the Provincial Grand Master and The Provincial Executive. Of course anyone with an I.Q. bigger than their shoe size should know that Islam is not a race, exactly the same as Christianity or Buddhism are not races. During that meeting I was specifically asked about a post, and my comments to the post, of the interview of a Muslim cleric aired by Al Jazeera-Arabic TV channel. Within that interview the Islamic cleric stated that it was quite permissible for Muslims to have sexual intercourse with female children and babies as young as 1 year old, (yes that's right - one year old!) and it was permissible to have sex with animals.  See the post in question on page ONE

 My comments to that post was to state that they, those who participated in such activities were (in my words) "Disgusting goat-shagging perverts". At that meeting I explained that I had only posted that which was in the public domain and already posted on Utube and I wanted to bring to the attention of as many people as possible the sort of things that Muslims appear to believe to be normal behaviour. I was asked about the comment and if it was me that had posted it, to which I agreed. I was then informed by him that he found my comment extremely offensive and if his Muslim friends should see it they would be horrified, but obviously not horrified and the contents of the original post, of having sex with babies, which my comments were aimed at .

 I find it rather strange that it was my comment which was found offensive, but not the abhorrent and unnatural behaviour (paedophilia, zoophilia and necrophilia) which the cleric advocated. I therefore can only wonder that, if individual Freemasons as private citizens are not allowed to have their own views and able to protest about the actions of murderers and paedophiles, is the Provincial Executive of the Grand Lodge of Durham guilty of tolerating or even encouraging these actions? If so, it is not I who bring Freemasonry into disrepute.  

 Freemasonry is supposed to be a system of morality, along with other ideals which should by deemed right and proper for all men to follow, such as brotherly love, truth, justice and charity, but it's unfortunate that the Province of Durham does not appear to follow these doctrines. To rise through the ranks and receive high promotion within the Province of Durham it seems to be that one has to be either, a kisser of the Provincial Grand Master's rear end, or a homosexual. Oh yes, let's not of course, forget nepotism, when a man who has only been in the Craft approximately 12 years rises to the dizzy heights of Deputy Provincial Grand Master - Why? Simple, he worked with the PGM before they retired. Deception even goes as high as The Provincial Grand Master, as it was he who pinched my idea and claimed it as being his own, of having Freemasons march at the Remembrance Day parade. You also have to be a liar and back stabber to progress within Freemasonry.

 All in all Freemasonry is a sham with the Provincial Executive being occupied by men full of their own unimportance, with the Provincial Grand Master, the Provincial Grand Registrar and the Provincial Secretary being the top of the list. I do realise that the Secretary is only the monkey and it's the organ grinder who calls the tune.

 I was also accused of four points of (let's call it disrespectful) behaviour at the 2014 installation meeting of Nautilus Lodge and this was also supposed to be addressed at the disciplinary meeting I was to attend. I was astounded at the allegation and asked for details and was sent an email appraisal by the Provincial Secretary, so I requested a full statement from my accuser but this was refused. I was told to write a statement explaining my alleged actions and whether I was a member of the BNP or the EDL and was further instructed by the Registrar what to put in it. In other words an attempt was being made to coach me into a "confession" to make it easier to prove I was a racist, which I am not. I refused, and demanded the statement from my accuser before I replied otherwise I would only be responding to hearsay from the Secretary. This was again refused. A further request was made for the full statement of my accuser for me to reply but I was again told to defend myself in a statement to the hearsay allegations written my the Provincial Grand Secretary.

 I responded to that meeting with a letter discussing only one point proving my accuser to be a liar. It appears now that this has been swept under the table rather than give me the opportunity to prove categorically that the accusations levelled against me a pure fabrication.

Freemasonry is an ideal to which all men should hold themselves unless you are a disreputable liar, but then you will go far within the organisation. 


Please find the Facebook post which blew all this up on page one




Even after resigning from Freemasonry (and not just the lodges of which I was a member) and repeating myself 4 times in letters and emails that I was no longer a member, on the 18th February 2016 (a full year later) I received a letter informing me that I had been expelled from the organisation for gratuitously insulting the Provincial Grand Master (he IS a buffoon after all). I therefore question the intelligence and sanity of those persons who claim to be the leaders of the “Craft”, and ask, how can I be expelled from something of which I am not a member? In the words oh Homer Simpson ..... Doh!